Harry Potter


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Calling all wizards in training! We need you at STEM Camp this summer! Through weeks four and eight, camper’s will discover STEM with our wand-erful Harry Potter theme!  During your child’s time at camp, they will create their very own magic wand! Instead of using a phoenix feather and holly like Harry Potter, campers will […]

STEM Behind Fortnite

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If you have kids you likely know about the new online gaming sensation, Fortnite. What many don’t know, is that it is so much more than just a post apocalyptic video game. STEM principles can be commonly found behind the design and concepts of the digital battle.  Fortnite was first released in September 2017 and […]

2020 Summer Olympics STEM Camp

STEM in the Summer Olympics

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Are you as excited for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics as we are? This summer, campers will have the opportunity to experience the magic behind the Olympics with STEM Camp!  Week three’s theme is the Summer Olympics, where children will get to learn first hand the mechanics behind many Olympic essentials, like how to build […]

Registration Is Now Open

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Hey Parents! It’s the day you’ve been waiting for, registration day! Don’t wait until it’s too late and enrol your child in a STEM Camp available near you today! We offer 48 convenient locations across Ontario that focus on developing children’s understanding of science, technology, engineering and math concepts through an intellectually constructed program. STEM […]

STEM Camp Gear 2020

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STEM Camp has amazing camp gear for you to purchase! In addition to an incredible experience being amazed by Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, you can purchase our exclusive STEM products. Check out our list of Camp Gear and add them to your cart when registering your child for STEM Camp. They will be shipped […]

STEM Camp Snack Program

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STEM Camp is introducing a new program for 2020! STEM Camp wants to offer not only an awesome introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math but also add convenience to your summer camp experience. At STEM Camp, campers are expected to bring lunch as well as 2 snacks, one for the morning and another for […]