Girls in STEM

Fun facts

  • Did you know that since 2013 there have been over 3,000 Girls that have attended STEM Camp? It’s true! Click here to see them!
  • Did you know that 2,142 girls enrolled in STEM Camp in 2017, which is the most ever in one year? It’s true!
  • Did you know that our entire education development team is female? It’s true!
  • Did you know that most of our summer camp staff are female and are enrolled in STEM education programs? It’s true!
  • Did you know that each year more and more parents enrol their girls bringing us closer to gender parity? It’s true!

Here are a couple new amazing counsellors (of many) that worked for STEM Camp last summer:

Talveen Singh

I am a first year teacher candidate at the University of Western Ontario, in the I/S Biology and General Science program. I am currently in the STEM Specialty at the faculty as well. From a young age STEM has been something that I always found interesting. I grew up being fascinated by the human body, all its physical, biochemical, bio-mechanical elements. I loved how the growth in the technology industry allowed us to explore natural phenomena more than ever before. I went to Western for my Bachelors of Medical Science and Psychology. After working two years in the healthcare industry, I decided to go back to school so that I could inspire a new generation of girls to fall in love with STEM, just as I had. I will be the Education Program Coordinator at STEM Camp this summer.  I am looking forward to working with the amazing team at STEM Camp and all the students who participate.

“Girls in STEM isn’t just important for young girls. As a future STEM educator, this is the perfect chance to inspire young students to fall in love with STEM!”
Delia Soucie

I’m a third year Psychology major with minors in French and Biology. I started with STEM Camp last year as the Camp Director of the Windsor Camp and will be continuing this summer as the Camp Director of Lasalle’s French camp. While working at STEM Camp I discovered that I wanted to become an elementary teacher instead of going to medical school. While working with the children at STEM Camp I realized the passion I had for instilling the values of the STEM field. I have always felt comfortable in a STEM environment thanks to my wonderful teachers who inspired and showed me the value of education in these fields. I hope to one day do the same. This summer, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to continue with STEM Camp and work at Lasalle’s French camp; two elements, French and STEM, which have shaped me and my career aspirations. Education in STEM areas is so empowering for children, but especially for young girls. It is important that they feel capable and confident in these areas so that they can make an impact in the ever-expanding field of STEM careers.


STEM Camp does not subscribe to the theory that there are girl activities or boy activities. We further believe that activities are gender neutral and that many girls will absolutely love perceived “boys” activities and vice versa. We also recognize that parents may need some activity examples when they are discussing STEM Camp with young girls to help combat the peer pressure that some young girls feel surrounding the stereotype of science and engineering being “boy” subjects.

For information on some of the exciting activities planned at STEM Camp in the summer of 2019 that may be of interest to your girls, be sure to view our Parents Guide to Activities.

Learn more about STEM Camp’s position regarding the importance of Women in STEM by visiting our online Newsroom.