The Story of Jackie Barrett – Celebrate Inclusion in Your Classroom!

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, in partnership with Special Olympics Canada and the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games Calgary 2024 Legacy Fund, has announced their upcoming launch of a national education program, “Respecting the Game: The Story of Jackie Barrett”. 

Amplifying an inspirational story that transcends time and societal barriers, this program fosters lasting social change by connecting youth to the legacy, impact, and lessons of Jackie Barrett, the first Special Olympics athlete inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. 

This launch event will provide a sneak peek into a national education program, geared towards youth in Grades Kindergarten to 12, that celebrates diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging through the lived experiences of this incredible role model – inspiring youth to dream big by seeing themselves in a true sport icon.

Learn more about this remarkable education program and register for the free launch event here. In addition to your participation in this exciting event, we encourage you to amplify its impact by sharing this invaluable opportunity with your child’s teachers. Enrich the classroom experience collectively and contribute to shaping a dynamic learning environment that celebrates an inclusive community.


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