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Every camp week, we theme our STEM activities to add to the fun! This summer, we’re featuring Jurassic World, two different Minecraft themes (Explorers and Builders) and Harry Potter! Learn more.

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About STEM Camp

We're a not-for-profit

Because we are a not-for-profit organization, your entire registration fee goes into creating the absolute best camp experience for your child! We are professionally run by people who are experts in their field with a passion for inspiring our future STEM leaders.

Operating since 2013

STEM Camp has nearly a decade of experience in creating amazing summer camps, including how to do that safely during a pandemic. Since 2013, STEM Camp has “graduated” more than 50,000 campers and employed over 2,000 college and university students (and counting)!

With a bold mission

Our mission is to inspire Canadian youth through hands-on STEM experiences and encouraging their natural curiosity, because we know that will help them become confident, creative adults, who can use those skills to help change the world.


STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, is much more than just a trendy acronym. 95% of jobs by the year 2025 will require STEM education and training, and studies show children exposed to STEM at an early age are more likely to be interested in that work. At STEM Camp, we not only introduce and expose kids to STEM, we do so in a way that makes them excited about coding and robotics, interested to discover what will happen when they combine this and that, and inspired to learn about how and why things happen. In short, our speciality is that we make STEM fun, and leave kids amazed at what they can do!

Science is messy and fun at STEM Camp! Campers will do fun activities to discover how different scientific principles work and are used in our everyday lives.

Child building bridge

We’ll learn about coding and robotics using programs like Minecraft. Coding is on-screen, but we’ll see results in real life as campers use robotics like Micro:bit.

Campers will learn about engineering as we build (and crash!) things, create rocket launchers, build Captain America’s shield, and so much more!

Child measuring
Girl reading

Fractions, ratios…math can feel boring, but not at STEM Camp! Campers will learn math, but don’t tell them: they just think they’re having a blast!

Hear From Our Families


"My kids have done some of their camps in the past. A great way for kids to spend the summer. Previously, our kids have gone to daycare or babysitters for the summer, but they were never mentally or physically tired at the end of the day. By the time work ended, and it we started they nightly routine, they still had so much energy that it made the nights tough. I would recommend these programs to anyone who is looking for Day Camps for their kids!"

Matt G.

"My son attended the Star Wars themed camp last year for the first time and loved it. The counsellors were all so great and he couldn't wait to go back the next day for more. He particularly loved the robotics introduced. We are heading back to Stem Camp this year for Minecraft and my son can't wait! Highly recommend for anyone looking to take a break from your typical sports themed camps."

Christa H.

"Having had the opportunity to watch the team at STEM camp do their thing, I have always been impressed by their professionalism and passion, even when faced with an unprecedented shut down due to the COVID pandemic. If we have learned anything from COVID, it is the absolute necessity to learn, use and trust Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. I recommend STEM Camp to people looking to encourage kids to develop a passion for these crucial fields."

Tracy H.

"My son had a blast doing the Minecraft camp. The staff were amazing!! I appreciated the level of kindness and care as well as the overall safety they provided for the children. My son came home happy and excited to talk about his day and what he learnt. As well as making new friends. I highly recommend the STEM camp. He’s booked and excited to be back again this year."

Stephanie R.

Our Recent Articles

In our blog and email, we feature fun and interesting STEM information and activities that parents can do at home with their kids, or teachers can do in the classroom with their students. Here are some of those recent articles and activities: 

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Our Mission

STEM Camp is a Canadian not for profit organization with a mission to inspire Canadian youth in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

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