Hands-on Summer Camp Activities

Hands-on learning activities are where campers build, create, experiment and learn in the real world.  STEM Camp’s inquiry-based learning approach to hands-on activities means that campers aren’t told how to do things, but rather are encouraged to try different ways and to ask various questions, to discover how they could solve a particular problem with the tools or materials provided.  Their curiosity leads the way!  The result is that campers not only learn about the different principles underlying the activities, they also learn that failure isn’t bad and it isn’t an endpoint – we learn so much when we fail, and it’s just the starting point of a new path to try! 

To give you and idea of the sorts of thing we get up to, while we’re created brand new and exciting fun for 2024, here are just a few of our hands-on activities that campers participated in during our 2023 themed weeks.   

Jurassic World_ Roller Coaster

Jurassic World -

Build a Roller Coaster

Welcome aboard! In this activity, campers will build a roller coaster to transport visitors and supplies throughout Jurassic Park. Using trial and error, we’ll see if our campers are prepared to test the boundaries of physics!

Jurassic World Siesmic Shakes

Jurassic World -

Seismic Shakes

Jurassic World needs to find the reclusive Indominus Rex, which has escaped its main cage. As it roams around the park, our engineers need to build a seismograph to detect the footsteps, roars and rumblings from the all-mighty dino!

Minecraft Explorers Solar House

Minecraft: Explorers -

Build a Solar-Powered House

To survive the dark and spooky night in Minecraft, campers must design and build a house that can keep the lights on by using the power of the sun! Can they build a real house with actual solar cells and more, that will keep them safe until morning?

Minecraft Explorers Circuit Pets

Minecraft: Explorers -

Circuit Pets

In this challenge, campers create their favourite pet from Minecraft using the power of circuits! Then, campers will make their new robo-pet move, shimmy and shake, while learning about circuits, force and motion.  

Harry Potter Secret Message

Harry Potter -

Create a Secret Message

Using Binary code, campers will create a secret message in the Ravenclaw Diadem, which is hidden away in the room of requirement. Help Harry identify this Horcrux by leaving a unique message hidden within!

Harry Potter Astronomy Tower

Harry Potter -

Astronomy Tower

During the battle of the Astronomy Tower, the Death Eaters caused significant damage to the structure. Dumbledore has asked campers to design and create a replacement for the Astronomy Tower with a telescope attached on top – the tallest tower Hogwarts has ever seen! 

Minecraft Builders Goal Float

Minecraft: Builders -

Whatever Floats Your Goats

In this challenge, campers will build a boat that can travel across vast distances of water in Minecraft – while carrying as many goats as possible, and learning about density and buoyancy.

Minecraft Builders Rube Goldberg

Minecraft: Builders -

Rube Goldberg Meets Redstone

Campers will make a mechanism with levers, pulleys, wheels and axles, screws, and more – to create a chain reaction, also known as Rube Goldberg machine. Campers will design, build, test, and repeat their own complicated chain reaction in real life and in Minecraft. 

Minecraft Builders Fridge

Minecraft: Builders -

Freezing Fridge

An important aspect of Minecraft is gathering resources and creating viable storage options for all items. In this challenge, campers will build and test a ‘real’ fridge, while learning about the principles of pressure, and condensing and evaporation of a fluid in a closed circuit.


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