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meteor shower

Meteorite Simulation Activity

Understand what happens when different shapes and sizes of meteorites impact the Earth with this fun activity. The STEM Behind the Fun What’s the difference between an asteroid and a meteorite? An asteroid is a rock-like object that orbits around

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Build a Volcano on the Beach

This activity adds a fun outdoor twist on the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano experiment! All you need is a sandbox or sandy beach and a few household materials. About Our Materials We sure love a good, messy experiment!

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Ice Cream Cones

Make Your Own Ice Cream

You may not have thought of it this way, but every recipe is really it’s own science experiment! Combining things in different ways, adding heat or cold, predicting and then seeing what happens – all with the added bonus of

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Make A Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms can be loud and rather dramatic, but they are also fascinating and even beautiful weather events! In this activity, we’ll simulate the conditions that create thunderstorms, to learn a bit about how they happen in nature.   How Do Thunderstorms

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Make A Cloud in a Jar

If you look up, clouds are above of us much of the time, floating in the sky. Have you ever wondered about how these fluffy looking masses are formed? In this activity we’ll make our own cloud in a jar

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Solar System

Build a Solar System Model

Our solar system is a vast and seemingly endless expanse that would take centuries to explore on your own. In this activity, you can explore the entirety of our solar system in just a few hours. Check it out! Fun

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Phases of the Moon

Phase of the Moon Model

The solar system contains lots of mysteries, and this activity will help campers understand how and why the moon appears to change shape in the night sky. About the Moon Although it looks like  to be changing each day, the moon

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Oil Spill

Oil Spill Clean-up

Oil spills are a devastating human-caused form of pollution that has lasting effects on the environment and marine wildlife. Oil spills can be very tricky to clean up – try out this experiment to see just how tricky it can

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Dandelion in the wind

How Clean Is Your Air?

In this activity we’ll do a simple experiment to see what little objects are floating through the air, to learn a bit about air pollution.  What is Air Pollution? Air pollution occurs when gases, dust, smoke, or odour get into

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The Magic of Static Electricity

Here we’ll explore the power of static electricity with TWO activities: we’ll separate pepper from salt, and bend water! What is Static Electricity? A static charge occurs when there is an imbalance between positive and negative charges on the surface

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