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Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

What is the light theory that allows you to see yourself in the mirror? Reflection! Discover how reflection works by building your own kaleidoscope with this fun activity. Materials Empty Pringles can or tissue paper roll Mylar sheets or aluminum foil

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gardening soil and scoop

Which Soil Is Best for Planting?

The scientific method is a way of gaining knowledge by testing things and taking observations. It involves asking questions, making predictions (a hypothesis), testing, recording observations, analyzing results, then drawing conclusions. In this activity, we’ll use the scientific method to

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Lava Lamp

Erupting Lava Lamp

Watching a lava lamp’s coloured bubbles rise and sink involves more science than meets the eye! The different densities and polarities of the various components of a lava lamp show a fantastic phenomenon that you can recreate at home. Let’s

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Running shoes

Sports, STEM, and Shoes

In our everyday lives, shoes play a critical role: they protect our feet, help prevent injury and more. Shoes in sports have to work even harder for the athletes wearing them, to help improve performance for the different people and

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Kids with balloons

Summer Camp 2022: Registration is Open!

Registration for STEM Camp this summer is officially open! We’re so excited to share another fun and educational summer with you and your campers! We also want to be sure you feel secure when booking camp, even in this time

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Gumdrop Tower with Toothpicks

Build a Gumdrop Tower

Have you ever wondered how engineers manage to build buildings so high, they seem to reach above the clouds? Learning about how to create stable and strong structures of that size takes lots of education and practice, but did you

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Snowflake and crystals

Make a Crystal Snowflake

For such a tiny, short-lived thing, snowflakes are filled to the brim with wonder! Did you know: Snowflakes are just amazing!  So, let’s make one ourselves: What you need: What to do: Now, make some predictions (we call that a

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