Coding and Robotics Summer Camp Activities

Our summer camp coding and robotics program was introduced at STEM Camp in 2020, as a result of the Ontario Ministry of Education developing a new elementary math curriculum that involves coding (in addition to our own belief in the value of those skills!). Starting in grade one, students now learn coding in the classroom in order to improve their problem solving skills while developing fluency with technology. The benefits of learning to code at a young age are plentiful; that’s why STEM Camp is so excited to introduce or grow your camper’s existing coding skills at summer camp!

STEM Camp utilizes both computer-based and offline coding activities, as well as robotics activities (and hands-on activities!) to engage campers.  Check out just some of the fun coding and robotics programming below that we’ve cooked up – brand new for summer camp 2024!

Computer-Based Coding

Computer-based activities use programs such as Minecraft to introduce campers to the fundamentals of coding.

Offline Coding Activities

Campers will engage in learning and games intended to teach the principles of coding to gain a deeper knowledge of how code works.

Coding with Robotics and Micro:bits

On-screen coding, and real-life results! Campers will have the opportunity to see the code they create in action with the use of programmable robotics such as the Micro:bit.

About the Micro:bit

STEM Camp uses the Micro:bit, a tiny, transportable computer (or robot) with many features including buttons, LEDs, sensors, and more that can be programmed using online coding software. Micro:bit can be programmed using visual block-based programming languages including Scratch and MakeCode or text-based programming languages including JavaScript. 

At STEM Camp, campers will have an opportunity to create code, and watch it come to life by (depending on which week they attend) making their Micro:bit into a security system, create a pedometer, and more! Check out the video to learn more about just how Micro:bit works. 

Examples of Activities

Following are a few of the coding and robotics activities, in addition to the many hands-on activities, that campers will enjoy depending on the themed week they join us for. We also ensure that all activities are age-appropriate for campers – in some cases creating totally different activities for different ages, as well as offering extra challenges for campers who are more proficient in a particular area, to ensure that all campers have an opportunity to feel engaged and successful, no matter their age or prior knowledge.

Superheroes -

Build a Security System

Your superhero base obviously needs a top-notch security system! Using the help of Micro:bits and our newfound (or growing!) knowledge of coding, we’ll program a system to keep even the sneakiest villains out!

Minecraft: Crafters -

Truss Towers

First, our budding engineers will build a truss tower in real life to hold different amounts of weight (we might even use it to try out some parkour moves!). Then, we’ll turn to Scratch in the virtual world to code a truss tower. 

Minecraft: Creators -

Minecraft Battle Mob

Campers will plot, map and outsmart their opponent’s mobs before they are destroyed! We’ll play a Minecraft version of the strategy game Battleship…only with TNT instead of ships. Since everything is more fun when you blow it up!

Minecraft: Creators -

3D/AR Solar Systems

Eyes to the skies! Campers will first create each planet in code, including its size and spot relative to the sun. Then using HatchXR, they’ll position each planet and even make their solar system actually rotate – in 3D augmented reality!

Minions -

Build Your Own Minion Bot

Those mischievous Minions are at it again – this time, building Minion bots to help with the work! We’ll use Edisons to build our Minion bot army, then build a maze in the real world, with code in the virtual world, to take them to the finish line!

Minions -

Minion Trackers

Gru wants to be sure the Minions are always in tip-top shape, and campers are going to help. Using Micro:bits, campers will program heart rate monitors and step trackers to make sure those Minions are as healthy as they are hilarious!

Let's get coding! Campers will enjoy activities like these, as well as lots of hands-on challenges at STEM Camp. Register for summer camp 2024 today!