Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and STEM Camp Collaboration

Did you know there is STEM in sports? Of course, you did. STEM is everywhere, including sports! What makes a ball roll? What makes a shuttle fly? What makes a hula….hula? OK, maybe not that last one.

This summer we will explore the relationship between STEM and sports through our collaboration with Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame by including their new Virtual Education Program as part of our programming.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame recently launched three versions of an asynchronous scavenger hunt all about innovation in sport that highlights a variety of sports, some Hall of Famers, and math and science questions related to those sports. They’re designed to be completed in an hour and feature a video tour of their galleries along with a series of questions to be answered on downloadable worksheets. How cool is that?

This program will be offered every week at STEM Camp this summer so no one misses out. Hear from Canada’s Hall of Fame athletes and figure out how STEM made them champions. See you this summer!



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