Our Exciting Camp Themes For Summer!

This summer will feature 4 unique and fun themes that kids love—Star Wars, Harry Potter, Minecraft, and Superheroes!

Each theme has many exciting activities you can only experience during that theme! They will inspire kids to learn through the things they enjoy.

Here’s an introduction to these 4 amazing themes!

Star Wars:

Become one with the force (through science!), or join us on the dark side… either way your kids will be in for hands-on and robot-based fun in our Star Wars themed weeks! Blasting off July 5-9 and August 3-6.

Harry Potter:

Will it be Gryffindor? Ah… no—perhaps Hufflepuff. No matter their house, your kids will discover the magic of science and more with our Wizarding World of Harry Potter-themed camp weeks! Making magic July 12-16 and August 9-13


Bubbling lava, battling mobs – the perils of the wild face Steve, and only your kid’s knowledge of STEM can save him! Running July 19-23 and August 16-20!


Harness your own superpowers through STEM! Make kryptonite, build Ironman’s robot and so much more in these weeks when your kids are the Super-est heroes of all! Superheroes will assemble the weeks of July 26-30 and August 23-27.

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