Summer Camp Robotics

Summer Camp robotics activities at STEM Camp provide an accessible, fun, and engaging avenue for campers to explore their curiosity and wonder about the wonderful world of STEM! With the use of robots such as Ozobots and Edisons, campers will engage in immersive and interesting hands-on activities that provide opportunities to learn the STEM skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow. 

Meet Our Robots!

Ozobot : The Ozobot bit is a small robot equipped with colour sensors that can read and understand colours as code. The Ozobot follows any black line drawn on a white background, then makes decisions about directions to turn and ways to behave by following a sequenced colour code! 

Edison: Edison is a robot that can be programmed by reading barcodes or by code written and created using an online software such as EdBlocks, EdScratch, or EdPy. The Edison robot has many programmable features, including its movement, LED lights, sensors, and sounds!

When you sign up for a week at STEM camp, the Summer Camp Robotics program is included along with our regular inquiry-based STEM activities and our Coding program.