Inquiry-Based Learning Activities

Inquiry-based learning activities grow campers’ curiosity to explore the subject further. Here is a sample of some of our exciting inquiry-based learning activities that campers will get to participate in, across our 4 different themes.

Star Wars Outdoor Activity – Starpilot Parachutes

Campers get an opportunity to flex their physics muscles by creating their own parachute! Materials are provided, and campers will help protect the resistance fighters by making them a parachute that they get to test out. Not only that, campers will get to take their completed parachute home to show it off!

Star Wars Indoor/Outdoor Activity – Jabba The Hut Slime

A camper favourite! Campers get an opportunity to make and show off their own slime, like Jabba the Hutt. They’ll customize it as their own colour and get to bring it home. This will also introduce campers to the concepts of viscosity and Newtonian fluids in a simple way. A fun and exciting learning activity!

Star Wars Indoor/Outdoor Activity – Anakin Skywalker’s Mechano-Arm

Anakin has lost his arm. Can you make a new functional prosthetic one to replace it? This exciting activity will have campers produce their own functional hand that they can take home! A fantastic introduction to biomechanics and anatomy.

Harry Potter Indoor/Outdoor Activity – Magical Movement

Unfortunately, us muggles don’t have quite the magical ability of wizards and witches. However, we have the amazing power of science! In this activity, campers will learn about the “magical” power of cohesion and adhesion by watching water travel. This experiment is something kids will come home excited to share!

Harry Potter Indoor/Outdoor Activity – Arithmancy Class

In this hybrid math and psychology activity, campers will learn more about their personality, while also decoding messages using math! It’s based on the Arithmancy, a class that students at Hogwarts take in 3rd year, which teaches the ability to predict the future with numbers. So fun that campers will forget they’re doing math!

Harry Potter Indoor/Outdoor Activity – Build Aragog’s Web

The iconic character Aragog in the Harry Potter series is a giant spider and friend to Hagrid. This activity tasks campers with making their own spider web, which they can take home to show off! It also is a biological learning activity, which will leave kids with a better understanding of the animal kingdom—especially about our 8-legged friends!

Minecraft Outdoor Activity – Solar Stills – Survival Science

You’re stranded on an island, surrounded by saltwater, with no fresh water in sight; can you survive? In this 2 part activity, campers will learn about our water cycle, evaporation, and more, while learning to extract drinkable water from a saltwater source! Relating it to survival in Minecraft ensures all campers are interested and engaged.

Minecraft Indoor Activity – Toppling Towers

In Minecraft, you can build a tower out of almost any material you want. In this activity, campers will use uncommon materials to test their engineering muscles. Campers will also be shown the similarities and differences between building in the real world and building in Minecraft. This will make their knowledge of Minecraft into something they can use in the future!

Minecraft Indoor/Outdoor Activity – Bubbling Lava Buckets

Explore the properties of different liquids with this fun, molten science experiment. The concepts of density, mass, volume and more will be discussed and played within this exciting activity linking Minecraft lava with real-life liquids.

Superheroes Indoor/Outdoor Activity – Elastigirl’s Catapult

Use your superhero powers of engineering to make an elastic-powered catapult! Campers love getting to build their very own catapult, which they can take home to share their creation! Learn about potential and kinetic energy, and how to apply them to an engineering project.

Superheroes Outdoor Activity – Hulk Out

A chemistry experiment that challenges campers to make a solution that will burst out of an enclosed space—like the Hulk! Always a camper favourite!

Superheroes Indoor/Outdoor Activity – Kryptonite Crystals

What’s Superman’s only weakness? Kryptonite! We may not have superpowers, but with the power of science, we can learn to take down even the most powerful of them! This experiment touches on a number of scientific concepts, including solubility, saturation and more.

This is just a sample of our inquiry-based learning activities, Campers will discover many more at STEM Camp!

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