Hello STEM Camp families!

If you are looking for things to do over the next three weeks (14 work days) while you are at home with your families we thought we would help you out.

Our education and marketing team have been busy developing our “STEM Camp @ Home” family resource (click image below to download) that we will make available every day with new content during the next three weeks.

Day 14

Day 13

Day 12

Day 11

Day 10

Best Of 9 Days

Day Nine

Day Eight

Day Seven

Day Six

Day Five

Day Four

Day Three

Day Two

Day One

Here is what’s inside:

  • Activity of the Day – A daily STEM activity that can be done in your home using materials you already have – fun for the whole family!
  • Updates for Parents – We will select and display pertinent and interesting updates on the Coronavirus for parents.
  • Positive Message of the Day – We thought it might be nice to receive some good news about the Coronavirus situation so we will do our best to share something that has peaked our interest and uplifted our spirits every day and share it with you.
  • Updates for Kids – Are your kids a little confused and scared right now? Ours are. It’s difficult to explain what’s happening since we are going through this as adults for the first time. STEM Camp will provide resources that we have found online for parents to use when explaining to their children what is happening to their world, but in a language they can understand!
  • STEM Camp’s “14 Days of Fun Contest” gives families a chance to win a prize every day. Prizes include a Holographic Basketball (or Soccer ball); an Astronaut Barbie or even a Free Week of Camp! Playing is easy!
  • STEM Video of the Day – handpicked by our staff, it will always be an appropriate video for families to watch with ratings of G or PG and, of course, have a STEM theme!
  • STEM Camp Puzzles that are quick, educational and fun for children of all ages!

Download today’s STEM Camp @ Home!