Summer Camp Themes 2017

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pokemonTheme: Pokemon & Transformers
Weeks Offered: Week One (July 4 – 7) & Week Five (July 31 – August 4)

Pokemon Week (Juniors): With the introduction of Pokemon Go it seems the entire world has been caught up in the craze. Pokemon Week for Juniors will have our campers building the challenging whirling and twirling Pokemon, “Tornadus”! Other activities include: Poke Ball Bounce, Light Up Pikachu, Aerodactyl Pokemon Fossils
Design and Build Pokemon, Geodude Earthquake, Simipours – Geysers, We’re Blasting Off, Pokemon Go Inspired Game, Pokeball Launcher, Pokemon Stats, Pokemon Rope Climb, Whismur and Pokemon Pins



Transformers Week (Seniors): What are transformers? Robots. Transformers Week for senior campers will include both battery operated and solar-powered bots! Other activities include: Autobot Fuel: What is the Autobots Effect On Earth?, Optimus Prime Air Cannon, Save Us Starscreen, Escaping The Decepticons, What Transformer Will You Build?, Transformer Hero Engine and Megatron’s Weapon



star-wars-girlTheme: Star Wars
Weeks Offered: Week Two (July 10 – 14) & Week Six (August 8 – August 11)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be released in Canada on December 16, 2016. Guess what is in Star Wars? A lot of science, technology, engineering and math. Campers that come during Star Wars week will find themselves prepared for the next release (from a STEM perspective) of this epic film! In Star Wars week our young Jedi campers will compete using Centripetal Forces and test their rocketry skills! Other activities this week include: Jedi Training: How Big Is Our Solar System, Save The Millennium Falcon, Solar Lunar Modules, Lift The Ship, Limestone Bluffs of Forest Moon, Build Your Own X-Wing, The Sand on the Moon, Mission to the Sun, Mission to Neptune, Solar System Mobiles, Design Your Own Planet, A Starry Warsy Night, Rockets, Build Your Own Space Station, Robotics


teenage-mntTheme: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Weeks Offered: Week Three (July 17 – 21) & Week Seven (August 14 – 18)

Ah, the turtles. They seem to always be around don’t they? Generations are now enjoying the Turtles franchise with new characters and new catch phrases but none will take the place of COWABUNGA! Does your little camper know about how STEM is found in almost every aspect of each episode? This will be a great week to show them there is more to this ‘cartoon’ than just fighting and great one-liners! Other activities include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer System, Ninja Turtle Bombs, Ray’s Reptiles or T-Rex Site Visits in select locations, Sewer Ooze, Pizza Box Challenge & more to come.


plants-vs-zombiesTheme: Plants vs. Zombies
Weeks Offered: Week Four (July 24 – 28) and Week Eight (August 21 – 25)

“aaaggggg…I want to eat your brains…aaagggg”.  Zombies are awesome fun and the popularity of the computer game proves it. This week will incorporate tons of fun educational activities centred around the popular computer game, but of course from a STEM perspective. Some of the activities may include Cabbages Away! (engineering/mathematics); Leaf Zombie (plant biology/chemistry); Zombie Slime and Zombie Boogers (chemistry/physics); Boomerangs (engineering/flight); Zombie Food (neurology); Fill Your Garden (mathematics).

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