2024 Summer Camp Themes and Dates

Our 2024 summer camp themes have something for everyone!  Each of our themes has unique programming (including our 2 Minecraft themes – they are entirely different!). Every week, campers will enjoy about 15-20 STEM-based activities, created with that week’s theme in mind. And of course, each week includes lots of science, coding, robotics, Minecraft, engineering and so much more. Take a look below for our themes for summer camp 2024 to give you an idea of the sort of fun we get up to! 

Summer Camp Superheroes

Superheroes: July 2-5  & July 29-August 2

Campers, assemble! We have weeks filled with adventures and challenges only our superheroes will be able to face! Armed with their curiosity as well as fun tools like Minecraft, Scratch, Micro:bits and more, our superheroes will be called on to develop security systems for their base, create DNA for their own superhero (with candy!), build a flying machine, create a mechanical hand for Thanos, make kryptonite, and so much more.  Grab your cape and get ready to use the power of STEM to save the world!

Summer Camp Coding

Minecraft Crafters: July 8-12 & August 6-9

During Minecraft: Crafters weeks, campers will portal between the real and virtual worlds, helping Alex navigate a laser maze (in the real world!), learn parkour skills to put to the test outside and in Minecraft to build and navigate a truss tower. We’ll learn about velocity as we build a slingshot (there might be water balloons involved – of course we have to test it!), and be detectives as they solve a mystery while learning fingerprint science.  This Minecraft week is totally unique to our Minecraft: Creators week, meaning your Minecraft lovers can have twice the fun!

Summer Camp Minecraft

Minecraft Creators: July 15-19 & August 12-16

Steve needs your help! A battle mob is coming his way, and only our campers can outsmart them using strategy and savvy…and some coding! We’ll explore Minecraft in space as we build a ‘snow’ globe solar system, create our own 3D, augmented reality (AR) solar system in HatchXR, traverse (and make!) the green slime swamps, turn salt water to fresh water, and go on an element scavenger hunt as we learn about the periodic table. Get ready to have some Minecraft-themed fun in this exciting week!

Summer Camp Minions

Minions: July 22-26 & August 19-23

Our favourite yellow friends are back in action at STEM Camp!  And they’re up to more Minion Mayhem…which we love. Campers will help Gru alongside Kevin and the gang, as we use our new coding skills to have some fun in Dr. Nefario’s lab by creating step counters and heart rate trackers with micro:bits.  We’ll build Minions in Minecraft and then race to find their beloved BA-NA-NAS at the end of a maze. We’ll work with Dr. Nefario to build our own Minion-bots while we learn about circuits, and so much more. 


Register for STEM Camp today and join us for some Superhero, Minecraft and Minion fun at summer camp 2024!