Summer Camp Activities

Your camper will participate in hands-on, coding and robotics activities at STEM Camp each summer. Read more about them below.

Hands-on Activities

STEM Camp’s hands-on, or experiential, activities encourage children to explore their sense of wonder by having them ask questions, make observations, succeed (or fail), and learn by doing so. This is based upon a learning methodology called inquiry-based learning. STEM Camp’s hands-on activities teach the campers basic STEM concepts but do so in a way that is fun so the child doesn’t even realize they are learning! Each of our themes has unique programming, including different hands-on activities. Check out just a few of our 2024 hands-on activities here.

Coding & Robotics Activities

Technology and programming are becoming more and more important for so many careers! To help prepare the next generation, STEM Camp has developed a unique introduction to these concepts through our coding and robotics activities. Even children as young as 5 years old can start to think like a programmer, but we’ve also prepared advanced challenges for experienced campers! You can view more about our coding and robotics activities here.

STEM in the Environment

STEM learning and excitement isn’t limited to summer camp or the classroom – fascinating and amazing STEM stuff is all around us! While much of summer camp happens inside, we try to get outside as much as possible when weather permits (including bringing our technology out when we can!). Beyond doing our hands-on or coding & robotics activities outside, we also have camp activities that are specific to discovering the STEM all around us in our environment. From engaging in parkour fun, scavenger hunts, map building and more – our campers will enjoy lots of outside time, and tons of opportunities to appreciate how STEM is all around them!