Easter Camp Contest

Win a FREE Week of April Break Camp!

Easter is on the horizon! To celebrate, STEM Camp is giving away a FREE week of April Break Camp to a lucky winner in our Easter Camp Contest! We have 13 locations across Ontario, with more on the way! View April Break Locations

To Enter: 

  • Like our Easter Contest Facebook post (www.facebook.com/SummerSTEMcamp)
  • Comment on our Easter Contest Facebook Post, tagging 3 friends who would like STEM Camp
  • Complete our Easter activity (instructions below)
  • Take a picture of your flowers from the activity
  • Post the pictures with the hashtags #EasterContest #STEMCamp #AprilBreakCamp and tag STEM Camp (which you can do by including @STEM Camp in your post text).
  • That’s it! We will announce the winner Saturday of Easter Weekend (April 3rd)
Example flowers for Easter Camp Contest
Example Biology Activity

With spring and flowers arriving soon, we’ve composed an educational and fun biology activity to get excited about the warming weather.

The activity requires:

  • White Flower(s)
  • Jar(s) or Vase(s)
  • Food colouring
  • Water

The steps:

  1. Fill your Jar(s) or Vase(s) about ½ full with water
  2. Add 25 drops of food colouring to each Jar/Vase—choose a few different colours for more fun! Try mixing them to make unique colours, too!
  3. Trim the bottom of the flowers and place them in the Jar(s)/Vase(s)
  4. Try experimenting with the length of the stem and make predictions about how this will change the process
  5. Set the Jar(s)/Vase(s) somewhere safe
  6. You will see the colour of the flowers start to change in about 24 hours!
  7. Take a picture of your flowers and the experiment and post it on Facebook with the hashtags #EasterContest #STEMCamp #AprilBreakCamp, and don’t forget to tag STEM Camp! You can do this right after you complete the initial steps, or after your flowers have changed colours.
  8. Check back on April 3rd for the announcement of the winner!

We Hope to See You All at April Break Camp — April 12 – April 16!



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