Sneak Peek at Our April Break Activities

To make this April Break fun and safe, we have produced many fun robotics activities with fewer contact points. Here’s one of our faves!

Coding Edison with EdScratch – Activity #1

Scratch allows campers to program interactive stories, games, animations, and, most importantly, robots! In this activity, campers will be introduced to Scratch as a method for programming their Edison robot.  This will teach kids to think creatively and reason systematically, while having fun!

  • Campers start by learning about the different types of blocks available
  • Then they load pre-made programs onto their Edison
  • Once they understand how to add programs, they make modifications and explore the power of EdScratch!
  • Throughout the activity, campers are introduced to coding concepts and more about Scratch
  • Once the campers are comfortable with the functionality, they’re given the opportunity to make their own program and experiment with Edison!

We hope to see you all there!



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