Additional Kanata/Stittsville Location

The Kanata location is now sold out and we are very thankful for the support the community is showing for our camp – amazing and thank you!

There are families that are still on the waitlist or who have to drive to another Ottawa location in order for their children to experience STEM Camp. We are sending a representative to Kanata tomorrow to view a new potential second Kanata site. It could be in Stittsville or Kanata, depending on the site selected (he is visiting three possibilities).

In order for STEM Camp to get a sense of how many people would like a second site in that area, we have created a short survey. Priority would be granted to families that are still on the waitlist (they will be provided a couple of days to enrol), and then second priority will be for families who are already enrolled to be able to move their location to the new location if that is something they would like to do.

To open a second site is a significant cost for us, but we would like to make this happen for you if you indicate you would like us to. Your participation in this survey is, therefore, very important.

Please let us know your wishes by clicking this link. Thank you again, and we will do our best to help!

You can help us by adding up the weeks if you will have multiple campers. For example, 2 campers, for 2 weeks each will be a total of 4 weeks.