Did You Know?

STEM Camp will have an impact on your child through…

Purposeful exposure to STEM-related material – We are living in a world driven by STEM and it changes rapidly every day. STEM Camp prepares your child for a world where most of the jobs of the future require STEM education.

Keeping their minds active – The summer should be fun and that’s important. We believe the best way to engage your children is by keeping them physically and mentally active.

Something new or different to explore – We like new. We like different. We really like exploring. Campers do too.

Exposure to new educational approaches – We believe that a hands-on approach provides a better learning environment than sitting at desks placed in rows. STEM Camp likes to get the campers moving, exploring at a ‘makedo’ space, learning outside, etc.

Confidence – We believe that when campers solve activity challenges it inspires confidence and establishes a pattern for success.

Inclusiveness and new friendships – Our campers are surrounded by like-minded kids who enjoy STEM-related activities, using their hands, their minds…and making new friends.