Summer Camp Packing List

Summer Camp Packing List
A Handy Packing List for STEM Camp Campers & Their Parents

Summer is an amazing time of year. The season is full of the best stuff, from watermelons and sunshine, to campfires, ice cream, road trips, barbecue and of course: summer camp!

If you’re like us, you just can’t wait to get to camp! 

But before you go, there’s some important items to include on your camper’s summer camp packing list so that you’re prepared for a full day of activities and fun! If you’re already registered for STEM Camp, don’t worry – we’ll be emailing you this information (and more!) well before your camper joins us. But if you’re like us and you start planning well in advance, here’s what to bring to summer camp and what to leave at home for STEM Camp campers.

Here's Your STEM Camp Summer Camp Packing List

Lunch and Snacks (Nut-free)

There’s no two ways about it, all that learning requires a lot of energy! Keeping healthy snacks on hand can help ensure that your camper’s mind and body have the proper fuel on board to carry them through days engaged in fun and experimentation!

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key at STEM Camp – especially during the summer months, when the sun and heat can be intense (but also welcome). Bringing a reusable water bottle is an excellent choice for your hydration as well as the planet. 

Pencil Case

A pencil case with basic school supplies is helpful – including pencils, erasers, scissors, markers and/or pencil crayons.  

Weather-Appropriate, Comfortable Clothing

(Including a change of clothes – you never know when experimentation will get messy!) At STEM Camp, we love the great outdoors and when weather allows, we will be spending time outside. Make sure to check the weather forecast, and pack your bag in prep for the weather and with light activity in mind. Our staff on site will let you know if your child needs special clothing at least one day prior to a special dress or activity day such as water game, costume, or pyjama day. You can’t beat a well-prepared explorer!

Closed-Toe Shoes (Preferably Running Shoes)

Running shoes and sneakers are best for keeping kids safe. Another reason why open toe shoes (e.g. sandals) are not permitted is because many of the labs at our College partnered locations DO NOT allow them on site for health and safety reasons too.


True science fact: even a cloudy day can still have intense UV rays that could cause sunburn or damage. That’s why we always ask that kids have sunscreen handy. Apply before arriving at camp, and counsellors will remind campers throughout the day. Spray sunscreen is also ideal if younger campers need help with application (in keeping with our hands-off policy).

Bug Spray

While we’d rather that the mosquitoes would choose somewhere else to hang out, sometimes these pesky critters come to pester campers. Packing bug spray can help keep them at bay.

Hat and Sunglasses

That same summer sun that we love to bask in, can also be so bright that it can be hard to see the experiments! Hats and glasses can help us keep our cool and our focus too.

Doctor-Prescribed Medications

Note: STEM Camp staff will not administer medications, except in emergency situations. 


What Else to Bring to Summer Camp

While campers can’t exactly pack the items on this list up in advance, do make sure they bring them! The following can truly turn their camp experience from good to great as we embark on a week full of inquiry-based learning!

  • An openness to making new friends
  • Curiosity and all questions
  • Willingness to try new things
  • Bravery towards failure (and trying again!)
  • Excitement to share what they’ve learned with friends and family

Bonus! Some campers even make a point to register for the same week as their bestie, so they can bring a friend! If you’re looking for an opportunity to share this special experience with a friend, be sure to check out the STEM Camp summer camp themes and STEM Camp locations, so you can find the right time and location that works best.

What Not to Bring to Summer Camp

Please do not bring toys to STEM Camp and please leave all electronic devices (including cell phones) at home. STEM Camp provides campers with Chromebooks and all other technology they’ll need for camp.

If you need to contact your child, call our Support team (519-475-6600) and we will contact the camp to relay messages or plan for your child to call you if it is urgent.

Other Helpful Info to Prepare Campers and Parents Too

Get the full scoop on what to expect at STEM Camp and get prepared with our full STEM Camp Guides. They walk you through:

  • First day of camp: what to expect
  • Drop-off and pick-up times
  • Sign-out procedure
  • Sample schedule
  • As well as answering questions like what happens if your child is sick, if there is an accident, and more.

Read the full guides here:

Have Even More Questions About STEM Camp?

Check out our FAQs or contact us.

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