Summer Camp Coding

Summer Camp coding was introduced at STEM Camp because, in 2020, Ontario developed a new elementary math curriculum to involve coding. Starting in grade one students will now learn coding skills in school to improve their problem solving skills and develop fluency with technology. The benefits of learning to code at a young age are plentiful, that’s why STEM Camp is so excited to introduce coding to your child at summer camp! STEM camp utilizes both computer-based and hands-on coding activities to engage campers. 

Computer-Based Coding: Computer-based activities use programs such as Scratch and Minecraft to introduce campers to the fundamentals of coding. With Scratch, camper will use the visual block-based coding language to create their own animations, projects, and even video games. In Minecraft, campers will use redstone and command blocks to create codes and automize their builds! 

Hands-On Coding: Onscreen coding, hands-on results! At STEM Camp, campers will also have the opportunity to see the codes they create in action with the use of programmable robotics including Edisons and the new Micro:bit! 

Edison: Edison is a robot that can be programmed by reading barcodes, or by a code written and created using an online software such as EdBlocks, EdScratch, or EdPy.  EdBlocks is an icon-based programming language, a simple, visual program that will engage even the youngest of campers! EdScratch is a block-based programming language based on Scratch. If campers choose, they can even explore using EdPy, a python-like text-based programming language, to take their coding skills to the next level. Whichever online software campers choose to explore, they will learn the fundamentals of coding through engaging, hands-on activities!

Micro:bit: The BBC Micro:Bit is a tiny, transportable computer with many features including buttons, LEDs, sensors, and more that can be programmed using online coding software. Micro:Bit can be programmed using visual block-based programming languages including Scratch and MakeCode or text-based programming languages including JavaScript. 

Example Activities

Star Wars Coding Activity – Code an Ozobot to Become a Droid

Kids will be introduced to the simple but powerful Ozobot! It serves as a visual introduction to coding and robotics, while also challenging campers who may have some experience with robots. Can you make your robot like C-3PO, R2D2 or BB-8?

Harry Potter Coding Activity – Code a Marauder Map

The Marauder Map is an iconic map in Harry Potter that reveals all of Hogwarts, along with everyone inside the castle. Campers create their own Marauder Map, and code their Ozobot to navigate through it! Campers get to express their creativity, while also learning about the power of the Ozobot!

Minecraft Coding Activity – IF/THEN Coding

An introduction to thinking like a programmer, first through understanding a little of what goes into making a game like Minecraft, and then one of the most important techniques in Coding—IF/THEN statements! This activity serves as a great introduction to the basic concepts of coding, while being fun and involving all campers.

Superheroes Coding Activity – Code a Plan of Action

Use your coding knowledge to escape a supervillain! Campers will get to test and build on their coding knowledge by coding their Ozobot to escape a supervillain! A great introductory coding activity during our Superheroes week.

Advanced Coding Activities – Edison Coding Program

As campers grow their comfort level with coding, additional challenges are available for them. The Edison bot can be programmed with 4 methods: by barcode (introductory), EdBlocks (simple programming language), EdScratch (similar to Scratch, developed by MIT for kids), and EdPython (uses Python, an advanced and powerful programming language). We’ve produced 14 amazing activities to challenge and help campers learn, whatever their level of understanding. You’ll have to come to STEM Camp to try them all!

When you sign up for a week at STEM camp, the Coding program is included along with our regular inquiry-based STEM activities and our Robotics program.