Minecraftpalooza 2024 Registration


Welcome to STEM Camp’s FREE 2024 March Break event!  

Register below to participate. Then, confirm you have a valid version of Java or Bedrock Minecraft installed on a PC or Mac (for specific technical specs review this excellent article by PC World). On Friday, March 8th, you will receive an email with information on how to connect to our Minecraft server. We will include a link to a webpage on our site, where technical information will also be shared (beyond that, we unfortunately won’t be able to provide individual technical support). Then, each day during March Break, you will find new daily build challenges on our website. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Rules of Minecraftpalooza

  1. Chat content and usernames should be appropriate for children.
  2. No breaking other campers’ builds, or ruining their fun.
  3. No cheating or attempting to break the server.
  4. No harassing other campers or using bad language.
  5. Ultimately, be respectful and considerate.
  6. Violations of these rules, and any other harmful behaviour (as determined by our moderators) may lead to a permanent ban from the server.
  7. The rules will periodically be posted in the chat room as a reminder.