Welcome to Minecraftpalooza 2023!

Hosted by STEM Camp

It’s time for Minecraftpalooza! Below you will find everything you need to get connected to the STEM Camp server and participate in our daily challenges. There will also be a surprise scavenger hunt during the week, so please bookmark this page to see each day’s challenge, and more!

Server Address:
Minecraft Versions: Java and Bedrock
How to Connect: Instructions

Important Information

  • The private STEM Camp Minecraft Server will be available from 9am until 4pm daily.
  • There will be a moderator monitoring the server from 9am to 4pm.
  • The moderator will be there to assist with any issues with the challenges and issues with other players to the best of their ability.
  • STEM Camp will NOT be providing technical support for the Minecraft game or platform.


  1. Chat content and usernames should be appropriate for children.
  2. No breaking other campers’ builds, or ruining their fun.
  3. No cheating or attempting to break the server.
  4. No harassing other campers or using bad language.
  5. Ultimately, be respectful and considerate.
  6. Violations of these rules, and any other harmful behaviour (as determined by our moderators) may lead to a permanent ban from the server.
  7. The rules will periodically be posted in the chat room as a reminder.
If your child is having any issues, please have them message “HELP” in the chat. We have a large number of campers joining us this year, so please let them know to keep trying!

Daily Challenge: Friday, March 17th!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today was supposed to be a free day, then we remembered that it’s St. Patrick’s day. So, you can either continue one of your builds, or show us your best shamrock, leprechaun, rainbows (with a pot of gold of course) or more!

Our Mission

STEM Camp is a Canadian not for profit organization with a mission to inspire Canadian youth in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

Contact Us

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