Scratch Camp

Scratch Camp will take place every week this summer. Only 10 campers per session with 2 counsellors in each session. Campers will be divided into groups according to their Scratch skill level and complete amazing challenges. Each week will have challenges according to the themes: Star Wars, Superheroes and Harry Potter.

Register for Scratch Camp and be amazed at what your child can do!

Scratch Camp will be $119/week, with the exception of August 3-August 6 (4 day week), which will be $95.20.

Sample Scratch Activity: Superheroes Week

Learn to Fly Like Superman!

Have you ever wanted to fly? Stood on the top of your bed and wished you could fly across the room? Well, perhaps humans can’t do that quite yet BUT we can do the next best thing. We can learn how to code a character to fly just like superman! In this activity, campers will learn simple coding techniques to make their Sprite fly around obstacles, fly with another Sprite and score points when you don’t run into things like buildings. That may not hurt Superman but it might hurt you! STEM concepts and learning for this activity are coding with a bit of aeronautical knowledge about flying thrown in for fun! Campers will work individually and share their creations with their group.

Questions? Check out our Virtual Camp FAQ