Summer Camp Themes 2016 7

We are pleased to reveal the summer camp themes 2016 for STEM Camp!

Week One: Minecraft

Week Two: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Week Three: CSI & Scooby Doo Mysteries

Week Four: Ocean Adventures

Campers will undertake between 15 and 20 activities each week but here are some of the highlights they will experience during summer camp themes 2016.


During Minecraft week campers will learn about mining, wetland filtration and environmental impact, gravity, minerals and biomes. No, we definitely will not be playing the game at STEM Camp but campers will have adventures and activities all geared toward their favourite game. What’s a griefer? How do we engineer a real life 3D minecraft world using 3D printer pens and other materials? Campers will practice their skills as 3D printer designers and developers. How can we go on a Minecraft adventure and find gold and other precious metals? Special guests this week include mining scientists and a surprise mystery guest.  Activities also include designing a Minecraft-themed chess game, making rocks, designing protection against Minecraft spiders and building vortex cannons!


OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM -- A B-2 Spirit, returning from a mission over Iraq, takes on fuel from a KC-135 Stratotanker over the Indian Ocean on March 27. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Cherie A. Thurlby)Planes, Trains and Automobiles

What makes a plane stay in the air? How does a train stay on rails? What are some alternative fuels automobiles can use? How do they work and where do we find them? If your camper likes things that move this week will be a blast. How could your camper use a 3D printer pen to print out parts quickly for a plane, train or automobile and why would we do it? Campers will fly a drone at camp and learn how it works amongst other fun activities this week. Campers will design and engineer their own miniature zip line and then take a field trip to a real zip line location near the camp – great fun!

csi_crime_scene_investigation_logo__140218204850CSI & Scooby Doo Mysteries

Does your camper like mysteries? Does the theme from Scooby Doo haunt you in your sleep? This may be the week for your family then. The younger age groups will be participating in STEM-related activities in mystery solving just like Scooby Doo and the gang. Older ages will have a chance to be real life sleuths by solving crimes just like the real criminal investigators. What science, technology, engineering and math tricks and tools do they use? Why are they successful? If I was a super sleuth, how might I use 3D printer technology to assist in my investigations? Campers attending CSI & Scooby Doo Mystery week will have a field trip to a CSI training facility, police headquarters or other location to learn about real life crime solving. Special guests include CSI investigators and researchers from Canadian universities and colleges and law enforcement.

KrakkenOcean Adventures

Long live the Krakken! The what? Come this week and you will find out about the biggest sea monsters in history! Also, what are those magical creatures from the deep ocean that glow? What makes them glow and what role does luminescence play in their lives? But campers won’t just learn about crazy, cool, stuff that lives under the sea. They will also learn about ecology, our environment, what roles sharks play, how water works and why it is important to our society and conservation. The special field trip this week will be to a Conservation Authority to participate in a special outdoor program designed just for STEM Campers. Activities also include learning how to desalinate salted water, and using salt water to produce electricity. And what would a water week be without designing the world’s largest water balloon launcher – be prepared to get wet on Friday!

Early Bird Registration Opens January 4, 2016

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