Summer Camp Themes

Hold on to your lab coats! We have some spectacular activities planned for the summer of 2022! What can your child expect to experience at STEM Camp? How about…robotics, coding, science experiments and much more more! There are 15-20 STEM-based activities every week. Take a look below for our themes for summer 2022. We can’t wait for you to join us

Minions, July 4-8 & August 2-5

Villain-Con isn’t the only place to have some fun this summer: get ready to join thousands of your favourite yellow friends at our NEW Minions-themed weeks this summer! Gru and Dr. Nefario have some of the greatest gadgets – but they need your help to invent new wind-powered cars, rockets ready to steal the moon, and cracking codes for some of their most daring missions yet. Campers will create secret serums to get gooey and learn about chemical reactions, and develop security systems to make sure the lab is protected.  And of course, we’ll recreate some of your favourite Minions gadgets including th- wait! That’s top secret! Join us for this awesome week of fun that’s going to be BANANAS!

Avengers, July 11-15 & August 8-12

Campers, assemble!  Harness your own superpowers through S.T.E.M.! Being an Avenger takes hard work, a lot of knowledge and a willingness to have fun! Which path will your child take? Will they create kryptonite through the watchful eyes of their camp counsellors to take down Superman? Or will they help Tony Stark in the latest design of his Ironman suit? Perhaps they will choose the path of the Black Widow and lead the charge for girls and woman to become superheroes! The choice is theirs at STEM Camp this summer!

Minecraft, July 18-22 & August 15-19

Steve needs your help! Bubbling lava, battling mobs, desperate hunger – the perils of the wild face Steve, and only your kids’ knowledge of S.T.E.M. in both the real and virtual worlds can save him. If your child comes to Minecraft week they will learn survival science, participate in an archery challenge, engineer a MAKE-DO Minecraft world, build a TNT Cannon, make a Minecraft magnet and create bubbling lava buckets (ok, not really Lava…). Help us get those creepers outta here by coming to Minecraft week!

Star Wars, July 25-29 & August 22-26

Star Wars

Become one with the force (through STEM!), or join us on the dark side… either way your kids will be in for hands-on and computer based fun in our Star Wars themed weeks! Campers will build their own lightsaber (using Minecraft) to help protect the innocent.  They will receive Jedi Knight training and learn how to build space stations like the ISS. Or maybe your child will choose the dark side… but, whichever choice they make, campers will be ready to use their skills in hands-on and computer-based activities during Star Wars week! It’s a STEM Camp perennial favourite!