Summer Camp Activities

Your child will participate in 3 types of summer camp activities at STEM Camp—inquiry-based learning activities, coding activities, and robotics activities. When you sign up for a week of STEM Camp, all of our activities are included.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Our effective inquiry-based learning activities will explore many STEM concepts and get kids outside and having fun, just like previous STEM Camp years! Check out some of our exciting inquiry-based learning activities here.

A counsellor teaching summer camp activities

Camper Learning Coding and summer camp activities


Technology and programming are becoming more important for future jobs. To help prepare the next generation, STEM Camp has developed a unique introduction to these concepts through our coding activities. Even young kids can start to think like a programmer, but we’ve also prepared advanced challenges for experienced campers! You can view more about our coding activities here.


In order to make coding hands-on, we developed robotics activities to supplement the coding activities. Campers get to see and play with their creations, using simple but powerful visual programming languages such as Scratch. You can view more about our robotics activities here.

Camper Having fun at Summer Camp Burlington

The above summer camp activities are just a taste of what you’ll experience at STEM Camp. View an example day below, or better yet, join us during this summer for an experience to remember!

A Day at STEM Camp

An example day during our Star Wars themed week.

  • 8 AM: Early Drop-off Start (Additional fee)
  • 9 AM: Check-in, Attendance, and Hand Sanitizing
  • 9:15 AM: Introduction and Icebreakers Activity – Jedi Mind Tricks
  • 10 AM: Recreational Activities – Exercise or Outdoor Field Activities
  • 10:30 AM: Robotics Activity – Code an Ozobot to Become a Droid
  • 12 PM: Lunch and Recreational Activities
  • 1 PM: Biology Activity – Anakin Skywalker’s Mechano-Arm
  • 2 PM: Recreational Activity – Jedi Knight Training (Exercise)
  • 3 PM: STEM Activity – Jabba The Hut Slime (A Camper Favourite!)
  • 4 PM: Camper Pickup, Activities While Waiting
  • 5 PM: Late Pick-Up End (Additional fee)

Star Wars is only one of our 4 themes for the summer! You can learn more about our themes here. You can also see sample activities on our Inquiry-Based Learning Activities, Coding, and Robotics pages!