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We Need More Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM

Because you have expressed interest in STEM Camp, I know you are passionate about the role that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) can play in your child’s life today and in the future.

You know that STEM experiences are positive drivers of your child’s development. When STEM subjects come to life in interactive hands-on learning environments, they propel discovery and build confidence.

But there’s one problem: boys at STEM Camp outnumber girls by 3:1.

This means that more boys reap the benefits of the STEM Camp experience than girls. And while thousands of girls have attended STEM Camp since its inception, there’s work to be done to reach the balance we’d all like to see.

Young girls have the power to change the world.

The trouble is that STEM gaps for women begin as early as Kindergarten and last until at least 8th grade. There are more than enough social, cultural and economic forces already making our young girls feel like they can’t achieve in certain areas. At STEM camp, we want to change that. Here are a few things the STEM Camp team is doing to address the issue:

● Consulting parents of female campers on weekly themes and activity content
● Inviting female community leaders to visit our camps and share stories of their own STEM experiences
● Hiring an all-female activity development team
● Attending Women in Leadership events to better understand the landscape

There’s more for us to do, but we’re off to a good start.

Now over to you: what can you do?

If you have a daughter, consider enrolling them in STEM Camp this summer. If you have a niece or granddaughter, or a friend with a daughter, share with them about how an interactive STEM experience can shape young women with big promise and open their minds for the better. Tell them about STEM Camp; tell them that it’s for everyone.

The world needs more female STEM brains. We want to make that happen. Visit our new “Girls in STEM” web page containing helpful resources for parents of girls (includes sample activities).

Thank you for your support. We are in this together.

Kevin Cougler
CEO and Founder