Star Wars Minecraft

Top 5 Star Wars Builds in Minecraft


Before we get into the main blog we just wanted to remind everyone that next week we are offering Star Wars Minecraft courses. The Star Wars theme will bring the magic of Star Wars to your child’s Minecraft world. To see the availability of our course click here. Minecraft has a strong Star Wars community […]

Water Experiment

Hot vs Cold Water Experiment


We have a super cool water experiment that’ll teach your child about temperatures! Parental help may be required. What you’ll need: Two wide-mouthed jars must be identical (we recommend baby food jars) Water Spoon Food colouring (the experiment uses red and blue but any two colours will work) Index cards or squares of wax paper […]

lego volcano

LEGO Volcano


To celebrate our fun new Maker Brane program, we wanted to bring the sessions to real life! We have prepared a fun LEGO Volcano activity that’s super cool offline as well! Get ready for a science experiment and some engineering all in one activity!  Here’s what you’ll need: LegosBaking SodaRed food colouring (optional)White vinegarBaking traySpoonBowl […]

Victoria Day

Victoria Day Activity


Happy Victoria Day long weekend! Today marks the birthday of Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria is well known as the woman who redefined Britain’s monarchy. She was in power for 63 years! To celebrate Victoria Day, Canadians often take the day off work, host parades, and let off fireworks. Our fun and simple DIY STEM activity is going […]

Design online

5 Reasons Your Child Will Love MakerBrane


We are currently going into the third week of Virtual STEM Camp and thought we should showcase one of the coolest new programs that we offer, MakerBrane. This virtual building software is like no other. Here are 5 key reasons why your kids will love MakerBrane! 1. MakerBrane uses digital LEGO With MakerBrane there are […]