Minecraftpalooza 2023: Check Our Our Work!

STEM Camp’s 2023 free March Break Minecraftpalooza event was so much fun! As they always do, campers impressed us so much. Take a look at just a few of the amazing creations they built, individually and together. Below, our Moderators also share their experience (we think they may have had as much fun as the campers!).

Show Us Your Favourite Dinosaur Challenge

Minercraft creations

Build Your Favourite Minecraft Structure Challenge

Harry Potter Challenge

Minecraft Characters Challenge

Happy St. Patrick's Day Challenge

What Our Moderators Had to Say

STEM Camp had moderators in the builds to see what all the campers were building, and of course to make sure that everyone was following the rules. They enjoyed their time as much as the campers did! Here is what a few of them had to say about the experience.

“This year’s Minecraftpalooza was a blast! Seeing how the campers started to get to know each other and collaborate to help one another with their builds was amazing, and some of the creations were incredible. A few campers worked together to build a large hotel with multiple rooms, there was a space station, a dragon in the sky and someone made a music box that played the opening song of the Harry Potter movie! I quickly realized the campers knew a lot more about Minecraft than I did and some of them helped me and taught me how to complete certain functions. It was quite educational for me as a moderator, and fun to work with the campers while observing everyone’s creative and unique builds!”
~ Sarah

“Minecraftpalooza was so much fun this year! I can’t believe some of the things that the kids built and what they were able to do with Minecraft. We had campers work together to build a giant STEM Camp sign in the sky, a roller coaster, train, a giant hotel, and more! On Harry Potter day, one of our campers even made a music machine that played the theme song from the movie! I really loved when each camper would bring me over and give me a tour of their houses, bases, labs, and the hidden lair they built for me! Special shout out to Cassicorn for giving me a tour of her amazing builds. All the campers worked so well together and helped each other with their builds and challenges, and even helped out our moderators when people weren’t following the rules. The fireworks show they put on at the end of the week was the perfect way to cap off an incredible Minecraftpalooza.”
~ Brandon

Did Your Campers Love Minecraftpalooza?

Do we ever have the summer camps for you! STEM Camp is offering 2 unique Minecraft-themed summer camp weeks, for a total 4 weeks of Minecraft fun! Not only that, but every camp week has Minecraft included in the programming, so you have come to the right place for Minecraft summer fun!

Theme Square - Jurassic World

July 4-7  |  July 31 – August 4
Jurassic World

Theme Square - Minecraft Explorers

July 10-14  |  August 8-11
Minecraft: Explorers

Theme Squares - Harry Potter

July 17-21  |  August 14-18
Harry Potter

Mincecraft 225x225

July 24-28  |  August 21-25
Minecraft: Builders

Counsellor Teaching Engaged Campers at Summer Camp

Register today and reserve your spot!


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