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At STEM Camp, we believe in the power of science, technology, engineering and math to promote wonder and discovery, and we love to hire amazing young people who share our beliefs. We would love to interview you for a position at STEM Camp this summer and you can choose which interviewer you would like from the options below. Looking forward to seeing what kind of STEM awesomeness we can get into together this summer!  

STEM Camp Recruiting Team

At STEM Camp, we like to mix things up with our counsellor interviews. When you book an interview with the Recruiting Team, you might end up with a random interviewer! It could be anyone from a Sarah, Derek, or if you’re really lucky, Lucy the dog. Don’t worry, though, all of our interviewers are thoroughly vetted and trained to assess your qualifications for the job. We just like to keep things interesting!

Andrew Downing, Director of Operations

Andrew Downing joined STEM Camp in the spring of 2021 as the Director of Operations with 25 years of experience in the print industry. As General Manager of his family’s 80-year-old print business, Andrew played a pivotal role in maintaining relationships and developing products with some of the largest retail companies in Canada. These skills were transferrable to STEM Camp; thereby making Andrew an important leader within the organization. Andrew’s LinkedIn profile can be found here. An interview with Andrew will sometimes include stories, lots of smiles and a great learning opportunity for young people.

Jean Wong, Special Projects Manager

Jean Wong

Jean joined STEM Camp in 2022 as Special Projects Manager, where she has been assisting in all aspects of STEM Camp operations, including recruitment and selection. She comes to STEM Camp with over 10 years in the physical activity programming and sport management industry, where she specialized in organizing and implementing sports programs and competitions. Jean is looking forward to meeting you in your interview.

Janill Rego, Camp Director - STEM Camp

Janill Rego - Camp Director

Janill Rego joined STEM Camp in 2015 and rose quickly to the position of Camp Director. Janill has several years experience working closely with our summer staff and each year looks forward to finding dedicated staff members to continue the tradition of providing the best educational summer camp for our campers that is fun, exciting and inspirational!

Kevin Cougler, Executive Director

Kevin Cougler is the Founder of STEM Camp. Kevin takes an active interest in the talent that applies for jobs at STEM Camp; especially leadership positions. Prior to launching STEM Camp, Kevin was the Executive Director at London-based charity, Partners In Research and has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14. Kevin’s LinkedIn profile can be found here. An interview with Kevin will undoubtedly include discussions surrounding leadership, accountability and STEM Camp’s role in the future of Canada.


Islay Downing, Camp Director - Camp STEAM Canada

Islay Downing
Islay was hired in 2022 with STEM Camp as Special Projects Manager, where she had been assisting in all aspects of STEM Camp operations, including recruitment and selection. She has recently accepted the position of Camp Director for Camp STEAM Canada. She came to STEM Camp with over 20 years in the banking and manufacturing sectors, where she specialized in customer service and sales. Islay is looking forward to meeting you in your interview.

Our Mission

STEM Camp is a Canadian not for profit organization with a mission to inspire Canadian youth in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

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