Girls in STEM Camp

AT STEM Camp we are COMMITTED to encouraging parents to enrol more Girls in STEM Camp. This is a resource page for parents for those moments when they are discussing with their girls, the possibility of coming to STEM Camp. Check out our new Girls in STEM Video with your daughter!

Fun facts

  1. Did you know that since 2013 over 4,000 girls have attended STEM Camp? It’s true! Click here to see them!
  2. Did you know that 2,151 girls enrolled in STEM Camp for the summer of 2017 (which is the most ever in one year)? It’s true!
  3. Did you know that our entire program development team is female? It’s true!
  4. Did you know that most of our summer camp staff are girls? Here are just three AMAZING counsellors (of many) that worked at STEM Camp last summer:

Girls In STEM

Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM

Shivani Ghandi was the Camp Director at our new Georgetown STEM Camp last summer. Shivani is a Senior at Western University in London ON studying Medical Sciences and Psychology. Shivani has voluntereed with Childreach, been active in Let’s Talk Science, has been a camp assistant for 6-14 year olds and wants to be a teacher.

In her words, “I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of more students, than just my immediate classroom. I would love to work in the STEM and I believe it will allow me to teach, and achieve my career goals”.



Girls in STEM

Andrea Manchisi is completing her first year at Western University and is majoring in Education and STEM Studies. Andrea already has a Chemistry degree from McMaster University, experience with Frontier College tutoring and mentoring students.

Andrea also enjoys visiting elementary school classrooms and getting young students excited about Science!

In her words, “My main goal as a leader for STEM Camp is to further my experience getting students excited about the fascinating world of science”.



Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM

Emily Bakker graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a double major in Biology and Psychology.

Emily is currently enrolled in Teachers’ College at Western. She has been a Lead Counsellor at several children’s camps and actually has run her own power skating camp for children. She has organized fun filled 12 hour days with inside and outside activities appropriate for every age group at camps.

This was Emily’s second year as a Camp Director at STEM Camp!

In her words: “My goal is to become an educator in the STEM disciplines. I wish to teach young people the previous STEM discipline breakthroughs and the endless possibilities of progress in the future.”