University of Toronto + STEM Camp

As part of our commitment to community and supporting STEM learning and work in many ways, STEM Camp has partnered with the Mental Health and Physical Activity Research Centre at University of Toronto to assist them with a research study. STEM Camp’s role is to inform and invite families in our STEM Camp community to participate.

The Goal of the Study

This study is looking at the relationship between weight related experiences and body image, and physical activity in adolescents. Given the adversity adolescents have faced during the pandemic, the study aims to develop strategies to improve adolescent body image, physical activity and health, including making physical activity fun and enjoyable.

Who Can Participate & What’s Involved

With parental permission, adolescents aged 14-17 can participate in the study.  

Participation includes:

  • A 15 minute online survey the adolescent will complete, related to their experiences in physical activity, body image and mental health
  • Following the survey, they can stay enrolled for additional waves if they would like to (this is optional)
  • Another option offered is the opportunity to talk with a researcher in an interview.

This study has received ethics approval from the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board (#00040089).

Benefits of Participating

Participants will be entered into a draw to win one of ten $25 e-gift cards.  

How to Participate

Interested families can contact the research team at study.hbe@gmail.com with questions or to request further information, or can simply proceed directly to the survey here. The first page of the survey also provides more information, and begins with the parental consent form.