STEM Camp Foundation

The STEM Camp Foundation was launched in 2018 as a vehicle by which STEM projects in schools across Canada could be supported. It was conceptualized by STEM Camp Founder, Kevin Cougler, who served as its first Board Chair from 2018 to 2021. Since its inception, the STEM Camp Foundation has funded STEM projects in K-8 classrooms in  communities across Ontario.

Mission Statement

STEM Camp Foundation promotes and stimulates education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through financial assistance to teachers and students.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to broaden the awareness and importance of future career opportunities in STEM for students of all ages.

Project Ideas Could Include...

STEM Clubs: Robotics Club, Coding Club, Girls in STEM Club etc. 

STEM AWARDS: monetary award to students who excel, or show promise for a STEM career, or a special interest in STEM subjects. 

STEM Grants: for students who want to work on their own STEM Project and make a presentation to their class. 

STEM Contest: a cash prize(s) to student(s) for winning a school-wide STEM Contest. 

Creative STEM Projects: funding for a student who has a creative STEM research project idea and needs financial support to buy materials. 

STEM Supplies: Purchase of special STEM supplies such as robots that can be used by students in the classroom to enhance interest in the study of STEM topics.

"The STEM Camp Foundation plays an important role in our education system by investing funding where budgets are being diminished. Investing in STEM education is an investment in our children's future. STEM Camp is very proud to support the STEM Camp Foundation each year and hopes that through this support, even more young people will have their curiosity inspired!"