Jason's Wheelhouse + STEM Camp

Paris, Ontario

Where do members of the higher needs community go to grow, to learn and to feel free to be themselves? They go to Jason’s Wheelhouse in Paris, Ontario.

About Jason's Wheelhouse

Janice Knill is an amazing person. When she realized her son, Jason, needed more than what “regular society” could provide for him…she decided to build it. She created a physical space where Jason, and other members of the higher needs community, can come and experience the world in a way that everyone should, just by being themselves. Her guests (as she lovingly refers to them) experience many challenges existing in a world that is not built for those who are deemed…different. But at Jason’s Wheelhouse they do have opportunities. Through assessments leading to establishing a personalized recreational care plan for each guest, Janice and her team provide a space where opportunities happen and dreams can come true.

So what does a STEM program look like in this environment?

STEM Camp firmly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to explore STEM in whatever way makes sense for them by recognizing their own, unique, ability level. One person’s STEM reality might be to work on the rocket team with NASA, while another’s might be successfully planting and nurturing a plant. Each of Janice’s guests have different needs, different challenges and different abilities. 

STEM Camp is proud to be associated with Jason’s Wheelhouse. Our role in this partnership is to find ways to create STEM activities that will allow their guests to be themselves. To explore, to fail, to succeed and to enjoy.