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Minecraftpalooza 2023: Check Our Our Work!

STEM Camp’s 2023 free March Break Minecraftpalooza event was so much fun! As they always do, campers impressed us so much. Take a look at just a few of the amazing creations they built, individually and together. Below, our Moderators

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Game Modding with Pokemon

What Is Game Modding? Recently there has been a growing number of games and systems that allow users to modify games. It gives users more control of their gaming environment and can increase their playability of the game. This is

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mothers day

Chromatography Mother’s Day Bouquet

This simple yet cool activity combines a STEM experiment with a Mother’s Day craft! What you’ll need: White coffee filters Water based markers Jar Short glass of water Scissors Clear tape Small sticks or twigs Step 1: Lay out a

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Benefits of Early Exposure To Coding

A child’s brain absorbs information like a sponge. That’s why it is important that parents supply children with a wide range of experiences. Around 5-6 years old, kids are highly curious and imaginative. They seek challenges and new ideas. It

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Benefits of Playing Lego with MakerBrane

Lego has been around for over 87 years. It has drastically changed from simple square pieces to complex moving robots. Recently a program called MakerBrane has come to the market which allows your child to play with Lego on their

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Careers In Coding – Scratch

What Is Coding?      Previously we talked about how beneficial Scratch can be in terms of introducing children to careers in animation. Scratch is a great beginner tool that could also lead to a future in coding. Coding is

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Career In Animation – Scratch

Scratch is a great tool for learning the basics of animation. The software teaches users how to make short movies, music videos, and more through different techniques. It is a great introduction to animation as it gives children the opportunity

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Home Education

Home Education

We are all providing home education as homeschoolers now. The COVID-19 crisis has turned teachers into virtual facilitators and parents into homeschoolers. Not since days before the one room school house have parents had to take such a pivotal and

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Girl learning coding on laptop

Virtual STEM Camp is here!

We are so excited to launch Virtual STEM Camp this week! Your team at STEM Camp has pivoted quickly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to develop educational content that is consistent with our values of fun, yet educational

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