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Scratch is a great tool for learning the basics of animation. The software teaches users how to make short movies, music videos, and more through different techniques. It is a great introduction to animation as it gives children the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination. The Virtual STEM Camp Scratch sessions will help them start down a path that could lead to a rewarding career!

Scratch Virtual STEM Camp

For those interested in a career in Animation, Scratch is an exceptional introductory resource for practice. How does building video games, movies, and other digital content sound? For animators, this is their job! Animators create 2 and 3-dimensional graphics that tell stories or share information. If you’re child is imaginative and artistic, this might be the right career path for them! 

Career in Animation

To become an Animator, it is required to be well-educated in computer and animation software. There are many colleges and universities across Canada that offer certificate, diploma, and degree programs that will set you on the path to this career. To keep competitive with other aspiring Animators, it is important to earn a Bachelor’s degree in animation, graphic design, illustration, and/or other related fields. You can also specialize in certain areas such as digital production, character design, game development, and more. After graduation, young Animators will need to put together a well-rounded portfolio to exhibit their skills. More content will show employers how dynamic and proficient an aspiring Animator is. 

Role & Responsibilities

Animators have many responsibilities. Typically they collaborate with a production team to establish and meet a client’s project goals. Every project is different but includes strict deadlines, making the role interesting and busy. Someone in this position will need to be adaptable, attentive, receptive, and outgoing. Candidates must be comfortable working in both independent and group settings. Since the occupation requires the use of technology and software, an Animator will continuously learn new skills and applications throughout their career. In addition, it is also important that an Animator stays up to date with industry trends.

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