Summer Camp 2023 Themes and Dates

Hold on to your lab coats! We’ve got some exciting themes we’re featuring for summer camp 2023. Each of our 4 themes has unique programming, and by popular demand, we have included 2 different Minecraft themes this year – 4 weeks in total of Minecraft themed fun (though every week at STEM Camp features activities campers will do in Minecraft as well)!  Every week, campers will enjoy about 15-20 STEM-based activities, created with that week’s theme in mind. And of course, each week includes lots of science, coding, robotics, Minecraft, engineering and so much more. Take a look below for our themes for summer 2023. We can’t wait for you to join us

Jurassic World: July 4-7 & July 31 - August 4

Campers, welcome to Jurassic Park! In these dino-sized summer camp weeks, campers will explore STEM through the eyes of a T-rex, search for fossils in prehistoric Minecraft worlds, and rebuild after those pesky velociraptors got out of their cage. After coding their own guest pass for park entry, campers begin their STEM adventure to build and protect Jurassic Park in the real and virtual worlds through coding, science experiments and so much more. The challenge before you is great; but one thing we know for sure is just like life – campers always find a way.   

Minecraft - Explorers: July 10-14 & August 8-11

Build a cow-a-pult, save the sea turtles, and help Steve by concocting new and crazy gadgets to aid him in his quest. It’s all in a day’s work during our Minecraft Explorers weeks! We’ll bring Minecraft to the real world with exciting hands-on activities, and learn how to code with robots and (you betcha!) Minecraft in the virtual world. Campers will construct a roller coaster to transport supplies throughout their realm while exploring the boundaries of physics, and so much more! Join Steve in this fun-filled week exploring the world of Minecraft – and STEM! 

Harry Potter: July 17-21 & August 14-18

Witches and wizards…leave the Muggles behind and join us on this magical STEM adventure! After being sorted into their houses, campers will get straight to work in potions class, before crafting and decoding secret messages, and using mystical tools (you know, micro:bit robots!) to design and create a security system to protect Hogwarts. They’ll be busy in the most magical of Minecraft worlds, even using their skills to travel through time. Get ready for the magic, mystery and mischief (managed) of STEM with these enchanting weeks! 

Minecraft - Builders: July 24-28 & August 21-25

Get out your crafting table and snap on your tool belt – we have some building to do! On land and sea, in reality and on screen, campers will build new structures and realms, while building their own knowledge of coding, robotics and more! But campers, the road will not be an easy one. We’ll prepare for a zombie invasion and create a water block catapult to extinguish our foes and ensure we protect our builds. Those activities and many more await our dreamers, designers and builders in these exciting Minecraft-themed weeks! 


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