How to Make Fake Snow

playing with snow wearing mittens

Whether or not the fluffy stuff is flying (say that 5 times fast!) where you are, you can take the snow fun indoors with this fast and easy recipe that will let you enjoy a little DIY snow, even on the hottest day!

What you need:

2 cups of corn starch

1 cup of hair conditioner (any will do, but white is ideal)

Optional:  some glitter for a little sparkle

How to make it:

In a large bin, knead together the corn starch, conditioner and glitter if using.  You want the texture to be like packing snow – it should come together easily, but not be too sticky.  If it’s too sticky, add some more corn starch.  If it’s not coming together, add some more conditioner.  And that’s it – time to build your winter wonderland!

For extra fun:

  • Build a tiny snowman!  See what you can find to make eyes, a mouth, arms and maybe even a scarf.
  • Make a mini snow fort!  Add some action figures or plastic animals who would like to get in on the fun!

When you’re done, keep your snow in an air-tight container for fun on another day.  




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