A Spooky STEM Halloween

Halloween is a time when the ghosts and ghouls come out to play (and maybe collect a piece of candy or two!). While there are plenty of imaginary characters to dress up as, we’ve collected some great STEM-themed options to spark your child’s creativity and also create conversation about the many, many ways STEM is part of the fun.  Read on for their next great costume idea!

Blast off to Space!

Some of our campers from this past summer were lucky enough to chat with David Saint-Jacques, an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency (and also an engineer, astrophysicist and family doctor…but who’s counting!). Let’s shoot for the stars and dress up as an astronaut, or even as your favourite planet! Grab those hula-hoops, some string for shoulder attachments and Saturn: here we come!


We program robots at camp, but now it’s time to be your own robot!  Don’t lie: we know you have stacks of shipping boxes stashed away, just waiting for a fun project, so wait no longer: grab some silver paint, markers, scissors and tape, and help your little one turn themselves into a fun robot.  

The Medical Team

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are real-live super heroes to look up to and study to one day become, but kids don’t have to wait till they’re older to picture themselves in that lab coat! Dust off that toy medicine kit, hang the stethoscope around your neck, and with the mask they’ll be wearing anyway, you’re nearly done for this costume.

A Scientist

Yet another use for that lab coat! Add some gloves and safety goggles, and you’re all set for science!  pike your hair to add a little “mad” to your scientist, add a bow tie to be Bill Nye the Science Guy, or pencil on a moustache to get a little Einstein with this. Choose a black dress instead and channel her inner Marie Currie, or put that monkey stuffie to good use as Jane Goodall.  

Civil Engineer

Grab a hard hat, yellow safety vest, safety goggles, some toy tools and voilà – you’re ready to become a civil engineer and help build our cities! 


Who doesn’t love bubbles? They’re super fun, but also a great tool we use to teach different STEM concepts like surface tension, and explain things like why you can sometimes see colours in a bubble. If you have a bubble lover at home, grab some balloons and blow those babies up, then use a safety pin to attach them (by the tied off base) to a shirt, and you’ll take bubble fun to a whole new Halloween level!



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