2021 Summer Camp Wrap Up

Child Doing Chemistry Experiment at Summer Camp Collingwood

Thank you very much to our amazing families who supported STEM Camp in 2021. It was certainly a year that was unprecedented! From wearing masks and face shields, to sanitizing, hand washing and social distancing, it was an experience that was new to everyone. We couldn’t be prouder of the families and their children who embraced this new reality in order to provide their children with the gift of camp and the gift of making new friends.

Thank you!

We would also like to thank our summer staff who had to work in conditions they had never experienced before. In sweltering heat our staff rose to the occasion and muscled through wearing all their PPE in order to keep themselves, their co-workers, and the campers safe. Through their efforts, not a single person contracted COVID-19 from exposure at STEM Camp! This included over 11,000 campers and 400 staff. Well done all!

STEM Camp would also like to thank our host locations who made this possible for our families. It was incredibly difficult to find locations in 2021 as many of our regular rental locations were cautious about renting. When the federal government announced mid-May that summer camps were permitted to operate, many new sites stepped up to make camp possible at the last minute. Thank you.

There are many exciting plans in the works for 2022 that will be shared in the months to come. For now, our staff will be taking a big breath for a few weeks, spending some vacation time with our families and then hitting the ground running again to creating the best experience for our STEM Camp families.

Thanks again to all our supporters. See you in 2022!



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