Our In-Person Summer Camps Are Running

Get Your Kids Out of the House and Learning This Summer with STEM Camp

In-Person Summer Camp Locations Across Ontario

STEM Camp is a place for your kids to explore their sense of wonder, learn and get active. Foster their curiosity and creativity. Engage their active minds.” to “STEM Camp is a place for your kids to explore their sense of wonder, learn and get active. Not only that, but this year, in particular, we’re so excited to give them an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones at our in-person summer camps!

Robotics and Coding

Learn by doing! Kids get to program their own robot. The perfect introductory program for kids.

More Coding Activities

Have fun at STEM Camp!

Fun With STEM

All our other Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities are made to inspire curiosity through Inquiry-Based Learning.

Inquiry-Based Learning Activities

The announcement has been made: In-person Summer Camps are on and STEM Camp is prepared. We’re committed to bringing you safe, educational, and most importantly, fun in-person summer camps. 

We have themes kids love, professionally designed activities, all at a reasonable price.

Sign your kids up for 2 or more sessions or with their siblings for a discount.

If In-Person Camp isn’t right for you, check out our virtual options.



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