April Break and Summer Virtual Program News

Minecraft Sunset

Incredible Camper Creations

What a week! 240 campers, 5 days, and the most Minecraft servers running at STEM Camp ever! What does all that add up to? Some pretty amazing builds – check out our faves below!

Aren’t those amazingly creative? Creativity and imagination were at an all-time high this past week, for sure.

But, what did campers learn? Plenty! STEM Concepts included computer engineering, construction, biology, circuits and much more.

Favourite camper builds? Roller coasters and beacons, without questions!

Next steps? Improve how we help parents and campers access Minecraft Realms! So this summer you can expect these improvements to our service:

  • ‘How To’ Videos
  • Communicating instructions well in advance and following up to ensure no issues
  • More technical support available when you join if you encounter an issue

You suggested improvements…we listened..and always will, thank you!

If you would like to get a jump on registering for Virtual Minecraft Camp this summer, here’s the link to reserve your spot!



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