STEM Camp and Mattel launch Barbie Into Space!

STEM Camp & Barbie Event

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2021) we thought it would be worth re-posting the experience we had with Mattel launching Barbie into space in 2019. Enjoy it below!

What an incredible day we had yesterday at our London Fanshawe STEM Camp. The Launching Barbie Into Space event was a huge success!

STEM Camp and Mattel partnered to remind children (especially girls) that they can be anything they want to be. Over sixty (60) campers experienced Barbie launching into space for the first time ever! It was a morning full of learning and fun. Campers learned about space and what was going to happen with the ballon carrying Barbie, gravity, air resistance, the temperatures Barbie would face, etc. Also, they created a special post card that flew with Barbie and be received back again next week.

Over 60 campers together at London Fanshawe STEM Camp.

To celebrate Barbie Astronaut Day every camper received a Barbie Astronaut at every STEM Camp in Ontario -reaching over 800 children!


At 11:00 am the launch was live-streamed to all 48 STEM Camp locations so every camper could participate. Campers were inspired by Aerospace Engineer Natalie Panek, “My one key message is never stop learning, dream big and reach for the stars.” In a few minutes, Barbie traversed the stratosphere and crossed the “space gates”. It was an incredible moment for everyone there, children and adults, boys and girls! 

STEM Camp & Barbie Event
We Have Liftoff!

“I liked when I saw Barbie flying up to the sky inside the balloon. At this time I thought it was myself” Gabi Aguiar, 5 years old.

STEM Camp & Barbie Event
STEM Camp & Barbie Event
STEM Camp & Barbie Event

STEM Camp remains committed to finding ways to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fun for kids. We are also committed to fostering girls’ passion for STEM and closing the gender gap that STEM education and career fields still experience. STEM is everywhere and is for everyone. 

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Local media coverage:

CTV News

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