Two More Sleeps!

Counsellor Teaching Engaged Campers at Summer Camp

Two more sleeps until registration for the summer of 2021 is open and we could not be more excited!

Summer Camp registration will open at 12:01 a.m. on February 1, 2021 for the summer of 2021 and there have been SIGNIFICANT changes to STEM Camp since last year. During the year of COVID where 95% of summer camps could not operate we took advantage of this opportunity to prepare even harder than usual for the summer of 2021.

Here are some of the improvements for this summer:

  • Laptops and tablets. These are now permitted at STEM camp! We have re-designed our program to allow for laptops and tablets to be integrated into the programming. In fact our new robotics and coding program requires that you send a laptop or tablet with your child in order to participate. Not only is this a great new program but it helps reduce touch points at camp – one of our new safety measures.
  • New robotics and coding program. STEM camp is launching our new and improved robotics and coding programs that include tons of new challenges and guarantees a robot for every child to use for the week. By investing in robotics and coding in this way, STEM Camp will eliminate the sharing of robots between campers and provide for social distancing to occur.
  • Brand new experiential learning activities. STEM Camp reviewed every single activity we were planning on implementing in 2020 and made great activities even better!

More information can be found at stemcamp.ca



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