Summer Camp Benefits

There are many summer camp benefits that create unforgettable experiences for children each year. Most Canadian students have a summer break consisting of 8-10 weeks. While they can take a break from school during this time, it is essential that learning does not halt. It is important for children to continue to develop new skills and interests. It is also important children continue to socialize and work with other children of their age.  Summer camps provide an opportunity for continued growth and development. 

Independence and Socialization

One of the most important summer camp benefits is that children have the opportunity to grow and develop as a person. Sometimes, children will enroll in summer camp with a friend. However, often children enter summer camp knowing few to no people. This may be a challenging experience; yet, it provides an opportunity for independence and meeting new people. Children can meet new friends and mentors at summer camp. Without summer camps, children would not see or meet new friends in the summer. When children register for skill-based summer camps. For example, a sports camp or a STEM camp, they can meet and socialize with children who have similar interests. Through increased socialization and skill-based learning, children also learn more about themselves and their interests. This is an essential aspect to both growth and development. 

Teamwork and Leadership

Summer camp benefits also include providing children with important opportunities to build teamwork and leadership skills. Many summer camps provide children with challenging activities; and when working as a team, activities may be completed much more effectively. Working in a team allows for children to explore their strengths and use them to their advantage. Teamwork also allows for the acceptance of weakness. A child will learn to recognize they need help and work with their peers to overcome difficulties. 

Continued Education

During summer break, students have an opportunity to take a break from school activities. However, it is essential education continues in the summer. Other summer camp benefits also include creating an opportunity for hands-on education. Often, in a school setting, learning is limited to textbooks and tests. However, at summer camp, essential life skills such as canoeing and swimming can be learned along with, problem solving and leadership. Summer camps provide an opportunity for children to explore different interests and hobbies they would not normally be able to. For example, most families do not have access to a remote cabin in the woods, archery, ziplining etc. Summer camp provides an opportunity for children to explore new interests and hobbies. Although parents always try to support their children, they are human and cannot be an expert in everything! At summer camp, children can meet and build relationships with camp counsellors. Camp counsellors often take the role of a mentor, guiding and helping children with skills of interest. Many children, especially those of a younger age, have difficulty focusing in a school setting. Summer camp provides them an opportunity to learn hands on, which for many children is essential.  

Statistically, over 20 million North American children attend summer camp each year. In 2021, learning is occurring in an online setting and socialization is limited. For many children, attending summer camp this year is more important than ever. Summer camps following COVID-19 protocol, would provide Canadian children with an essential experience. For many children, learning in an online setting can be very challenging. Although effective, it is important to remember the importance of socialization. Safely run summer camps would allow students to socialize with peers (at a same distance). Attending summer camp would also allow for hands-on, interactive learning. It would also provide an opportunity for active play as opposed to online learning they are currently experiencing. 



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