Staff Announcement

Janill Rego - Camp Director

STEM Camp is pleased to release the following staffing announcement.

A graduate of the Business-Marketing program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Janill Rego has been employed at STEM Camp since 2015 as our Camp Coordinator. Her responsibilities have included coordination of camp activities, site locations, communications, customer service, grant management and staffing. Janill has met these responsibilities with professionalism, determination and dedication. She has repeatedly proven herself to be a true team player and an amazing ambassador of the STEM Camp vision and mission.

It is therefore, with great excitement, that we are pleased to announce the promotion of Janill to Camp Director, effective immediately. As Camp Director, Janill’s new responsibilities will include partnerships, strategic planning, staff management, finances, activity development and operations. She will also provide counsel to the Executive Director, CEO and Board of Directors. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, she will continue the tradition of providing the best educational summer camp for our campers that is fun, exciting and inspirational!

Congratulations Janill!



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