The STEM Behind Fortnite

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In the “Save the World” series of Fortnite, there are 5 elements that battle gadgets and traps are categorized under: Energy, Fire, Nature, Physical, and Water. Players are to chose their accessory based on the enemy and their weaknesses.

Snowball Legendary Launcher and Engineering

Under the Water category, there is a fun tool called the Snowball Legendary Launcher. To make the machine project snowballs, it needs rockets. In the virtual world, the ammo can be found in a collection of two (2) or four (4). In order to engineer the Launcher, fifteen (15) blast powders, twelve (12) mechanical parts, and three (3) ores are required. They will be introduced to learning opportunities and concepts with our Virtual STEM program!

In Fortnite, players can earn the Snowball Legendary Launcher by successfully completing the main quest-line. With Virtual STEM Camp, they will be able to make their own Fortnite world!

Electric Traps and Electricity

Another way to defend from the enemy in Fortnite is by the use of electric or zapper traps. In the game, it doesn’t take much to implement them, but if these were real it would. The traps cause damage due to energy and electricity. So what is electricity? Well, it all starts with atoms! Atoms are tiny particles that make up everything around us. These particles are made up of three (3) even smaller elements: protons, electrons, and neutrons. Electrical and magnetic energy can force electrons to jump from one atom to another. When this action happens, an electric current is formed, thus producing electricity!

There are still spots available! Sign-up your child for Virtual STEM Camp today and receive free a “50 STEM Puzzlers” ebook with every registration! 



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