Sticky Number Scavenger Hunt

Child being curious at Summer Camp Alliston

This week we thought we would change up the activity and suggest a STEM game scavenger hunt that helps kids exercise their math skills! It will also keep them busy while having fun! This game can be played inside or outside!

What you’ll need:

How to play:

Step 1:

This step is for parents! Write different numbers on sticky notes and stick them to a wall.

Step 2:

Make copies of each but instead of writing the number, add the corresponding number of dots on each sticky note.

Step 3:

Get your kids to look around the house. When they find them, instruct them to match the dotted sticky notes with the original number!

Tip: For older children doing the scavenger hunt, instead of counting dots, write a math equation that equals the number on the original sticky note. For example, hide a sticky note with equation 5 + 7 and have the number 12 hanging on the wall!

Don’t forget that our Star Wars themed Virtual STEM Camp sessions start Monday! There are still some spots left if you haven’t registered your child yet!



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