Top 5 Star Wars Builds in Minecraft

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Minecraft has a strong Star Wars community and there are many cool Star Wars creations people have built. This is the top 5 Star Wars Minecraft creations:

5. Theed Royal Palace of Naboo

Number 5 is the Royal Palace on the Planet Naboo. Both Princess Amedila and the Evil Emperor were from the Planet of Naboo. This city was a heavy plot point in Episode 1 The Phantom Menace. 

4. Kamino

Another amazing build. This facility on planet Kamino was a cloning facility that created the core fighters in the clone wars. Fun fact: all the clones in the clone army were a clone of Jango Fett. Jango Fett made one clone that wasn’t modified to age quickly and named him Bobba Fett.

3. Endor

This was where the Empire was defeated. The Rebellion was lucky to have the help of the locals to help fight off the Empire. Even though the Ewoks looked liked Teddy Bears they still were a great asset to the final battle.

2. Jakku

This was the planet Rey was abandoned on and where she grew up to the top tier Jedi. It is also where a major battle with the Rebellion and Empire happened. As you can see the Empire lost a lot of ships here which you see in the movie Rey scavenging. https://youtu.be/8V6C8p8Fj6g

1. Galactic City – Coruscant

This is the number 1 build. The sheer size and scale of this build is insane. This is where the Galactic Senate was and also where the main Jedi Temple was. Fun fact Coruscant had a population of 2 Trillion which 68% were Humanoid and the other 32% were Alien species.

Bonus: Scarif

This didn’t make the cut but we thought it was still a really cool build. This was where the rebels sent and delivered the death star plans to Princess Leia. 



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